Automated Cable Services, Inc. (ACS)

Automated Cable Services, Inc. (ACS)
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Automated Cable Services, Inc. (ACS)
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Nathan Flowers Sr

Automated Cable Services, Inc. (ACS) was founded in 1988 as a communication-oriented business. ACS is a QUALITY, industry-certified company that provides network solutions for all communications systems and telecommunications technologies.
Engineered through a centrally coordinated, one-stop service source, ACS specializes in the installation of high quality, cost-effective cabling for:

Basic Telephone and Computer Connectivity
Voice Over IP (VoIP) Cabling
Cat 5 Cat 6

ACS offers professional and technical support in voice/data products and services that enables customers to meet their communications needs. An able-bodied staff performs all tasks required to plan, design, install and implement communications services to enhance:

Central offices


Precise programming of the Centrigram Voice Processing Platform

Network systems

 ACS’ core capabilities cover cabling design and construction, including:

Low voltage cabling

New construction installation

Voice and data applications

Office remodeling and relocation

Outside plant installation

Business Phone Number:
(240) 463-3386
Business Fax:
(301) 877-1027
Minority Status:
African American, Veteran/Retired Veteran/Disabled American Veteran
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