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Guy Black – Blackout Investigations and Security Services, Inc

The SMMCOC Member Showcase for the Month of February, 2017 is Blackout Investigations and Security Services, Inc.

Blackout Investigations and Security Services, Inc.  was established in 2006 by former U.S. Marine and retired Maryland State Police Assistant Barrack Commander Guy N. Black.

Blackout currently has offices in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. Blackout is a certified Minority Business Enterprise company with the state of Maryland. Additionally, Blackout is a certified company with the Veteran Administration, registered as a Veteran Owed Business.

Over the last ten years Blackout has been singled out and recognized numerous time for outstanding service. Most notable, in 2013 Blackout was selected as one of the Top Minority Business Enterprise companies in a five state area, in 2016 Blackout was selected a second time in three years for the same award.

Blackout’s annual revenue since 2012 has been at least one million dollars. Blackout currently has fifty (50) part-time employees and thirty (30) full time employees.

One of Blackout most notable assignment came in 2016 when Whiting – Turner Construction company hired us to bring on 30 guards per day to help secure the construction site for the new MGM Casino at the National Harbor.

Guy is the immediate past President of the Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce, currently doing business as the Southern Maryland Minority Chamber of Commerce (SMMCOC). He is a member of the SMMCOC Board of Directors.