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Small Business Reserve (SBR) Program

To: Thomas (Mike) Miller, Senate President

Michael Busch, Speaker of the House

Dear Senator Miller and Speaker Bush,

The Southern Maryland Minority Chamber of Commerce (SMMCOC), formerly the Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce, represents the interests of small businesses in Southern Maryland and beyond. The purpose of this letter is to give our support for repeal of the Small Business Reserve Program Sunset Date.

Creation of the Small Business Reserve (SBR) Program to provide small businesses with the opportunity to participate as prime contractors on State contracts and procurements by establishing a unique marketplace where small businesses compete against other small businesses instead of larger, more established companies, is one of the best programs the State established to help small businesses.

As you are aware, Small businesses employ the bulk of Marylanders and, as they grow, they employ more of our citizens, grow our tax base locally and improve the greater quality of life in the state. The ability for small businesses to compete for and secure contracts with the state of Maryland is critical; The Small Business Reserve Program is an indispensable tool.  This program should not only be extended but made permanent, not subject to sunset dates in the future.






Doris J. Cammack-Spencer, MPA, Hon. D.
Southern Maryland Minority Chamber of Commerce, Inc

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