Community Development Network of Maryland Updates

August 13, 2020
RE: CDN Membership Renewal
Dear Members and Colleagues:
This is an unprecedented time in our state’s and nation’s history. The impact of COVID-19 took us all by surprise and is not letting up. All of you have been adapting to serve your communities the best way possible.
CDN has been working hard to keep you informed of the latest resources so you can determine how to operate in this new normal. We have also been advocating to address the impending housing crisis about to take place across the state.
We thank you so much for being a member of CDN during this time. It is your membership that has allowed CDN to accomplish so much this past membership year, including the following:
  • Pass the HOME ACT after more than 20 years of work, ending source of income discrimination in Maryland,
  • Host our 6th Annual Community Development Week which highlighted various community development activities around the state and gained significant media attention,
  • Prepare more than 30 housing counselors in Maryland for the HUD Certification exam,
  • Provide timely information to our members across the state during the COVID-19 crisis.
Our nation has been rocked to its core, and it’s more critical than ever that we band together for meaningful change that seeks to achieve opportunity for all Marylanders. CDN will continue to promote, strengthen and advocate for Maryland’s community development industry so that you can continue to your important work for residents and neighborhoods.
Please renew today by completing this membership form and sending it to us with your check, or going to our website.
If you have not been a member, we encourage you to become one. We would really appreciate it! The membership form and website given is the best way to become a member.
Thank you for your continued engagement and participation.
Odette Ramos
Executive Director
Claudia Wilson Randall
Associate Director
Become a Member Sponsor of
Community Development Week!
7th Annual Community Development Week is
September 30-October 8, 2020
We are excited to host Community Development Week this year virtually! Stay tuned for complete details. Our Annual Meeting will culminate Community Development Week on October 8, and it will be virtual.
In the meantime if you would like to be a member sponsor of Community Development Week, please add any of the following amounts to your membership renewal:
$100 Basic Member Sponsor
$300 Spotlight Member Sponsor
$500 Expert Member Sponsor
Member Sponsors will be added to the sponsor lists and programs presented for each Community Development Week event.