ASSISTANCE for Business damage from recent Flooding and Storms

ASSISTANCE for Business damage from recent Flooding and Storms

Hello, Business Leaders:

Now that the worst of recent storms and flooding has subsided, the Calvert County Division of Emergency Management is seeking assistance to gather information on storm damage. Working with the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), we have been asked to help identify all damages from this event throughout the state to report to the Governor for determination of whether a declaration of emergency/disaster can be made for federal assistance. There are no guarantees of assistance, but the first step is to assess damages and calculate estimated repair costs.

Please let us know if you are aware of damage to any businesses that will need remediation. Our Emergency Management staff will provide that information to MEMA to use in determining if we meet the threshold as a state in order to petition FEMA for a declaration.

Information required is as follows:

Name of Facility/Business/Organization

  • Name of Road
  • Address with GPS coordinates, if possible
  • Point of contact with phone number/email
  • Brief description of damage (like structural, road washout, hill collapse, damage to infrastructure due to washout, bridge repair)
  • Estimated loss
  • Estimated cost of repair
  • Also identify any offsets that any insurance might cover

Please prepare this information and reply to us by Wednesday Aug. 1, 2018. If you have questions or need assistance compiling the necessary information, please don’t hesitate to call or email Ashley Greeley in our office at
Ashley.greely@calvertcountymd. gov  or 410-535-4583.