Success in Maryland: Companies Tell Us about Workforce

Success in Maryland: Companies Tell Us about Workforce

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Success in Maryland: Companies Tell Us about WorkforceHere at Commerce, we’re always talking with representatives from Maryland businesses. Recently, we spoke with several business owners and executives about success, specifically asking how their companies are finding success in Maryland.

We regularly tout Maryland’s location, workforce and quality of life as components that help Maryland companies succeed. When we spoke with our partners in business, they back up what we already knew…Maryland has a skilled workforce, a prime location and is a great place to call home.

Here on MDBizNews, we’ll be highlighting three components of business success: workforce, location, and quality of life. First up, we check in with companies’ views of Maryland’s workforce.

Maryland Companies on Maryland’s Workforce

First in the percentage of professional and technical workers and abound with higher education institutions, Maryland offers a workforce capable of solving complex challenges that high tech companies tackle every day.

RedOwl Analytics’ CEO Guy Filippelli reiterated that the tech workforce is talented, and also loyal. “From a people perspective, the talent coming out of places like the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, NSA—the financial ecosystem that’s here is great, but it’s also loyal,” Filippelli said.

Hear more from Guy Filippelli in the video below.

Companies in Maryland’s rural areas have no problem finding a skilled workforce, either. On the Eastern Shore, agriculture is a way of life, and the production and distribution of agriculture fuels the area’s economy. Choptank Transport attracts employees who grew up working with commodities such as chicken and produce, leading to a natural transition to managing the logistics of distributing these products.

Choptank, a Washington Post Top Workplace for the past three years, is dedicated to furthering the natural skills of its employees through professional development programs. “Career growth and advancement are a huge part of who we are at Choptank,” says Carlie Wright, Corporate Trainer for the company.

Food service equipment and restaurant supply company WebstaurantStore is also impressed by the workforce that supports its Cumberland distribution center, says WebstaurantStore President Dave Groff. The company filled more than 200 full-time jobs in less than a year. “There’s a great local labor pool to draw from,” said Groff.