Introducing the Eric Franklin Entrepreneurial Accelerator

Launched in 2015, the Eric Franklin Entrepreneurial Accelerator (EFEA) is a partnership between the Southern Maryland Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Eric Franklin, president and CEO of ERIMAX, Inc.  The goal of the Accelerator is to build an entrepreneur platform for businesses in Southern Maryland to grow, thrive, and connect with other entrepreneur ecosystems across the country.

The EFEA curriculum is for C-level executives and entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Fast-track their companies’ growth,
  • Sharpen their critical-thinking skills to successfully compete, and
  • Foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the So MD startup community

The SBDC has developed three targeted programs – CEO, Growth and Strategic Launch.

 CEO Accelerator

For 12 sessions (36 hours), business owners with revenue more than $500k, will work with peers of non-competing firms and certified executive coaches to master proven strategies that will increase profits and create a business that works without the owner.

Tue.                 Feb 2-Apr 19                      8:30am-12pm  (sessions held once a week on Tuesdays for 12 weeks)

Thu.                  Sep 22-Dec 15                  8:30am-12pm (sessions held once a week on Thursdays for 13 weeks)

  Growth Accelerator 

Business owners with revenue less than $500k will develop a “Roadmap” to build a million dollar business, learning over 6 consecutive sessions how to generate prospects, increase profits, eliminate chaos, and motivate employees.

Tue.                  Jul 12- Aug 16                  8:30am-12pm (sessions held once a week on Tuesdays 6 weeks)

 Strategic Launch

Early stage business owners with revenue less than $500k will develop a plan using the SBDC’s DOOR’s approach, a comprehensive system designed to help entrepreneurs

Affirm Dreams, Understand Obstacles and Opportunities, identify Resources and outline Steps to success.

Week of Apr 4-7                                        8am-12:30pm

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To apply for the programs, click here.