Doris Spencer, President of SMBCC

Energy and Procurement Expo Update

Message from the SMMCOC President:

The Southern Maryland Minority Chamber of Commerce (SMMCOC) is unlike any
other chamber; it is a Regional Chamber. Our aim is to prepare Minority business owners
across the region to become key players in Southern Maryland’s growth and educate
large corporations on the value that Minority businesses bring as partners, team members
and subcontractors. Further, our aim is to collaborate with legislators to craft policy that
enhance the business environment for not only Minority enterprises but all enterprises.
Established July 2012, as the Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce, now
doing business as the Southern Maryland Minority Chamber, the SMMCOC represents
businesses that operate in Calvert County, Charles County, St. Mary’s County and Southern
Prince George’s County. In the three (3) years of our existence, we have become an integral
part of Southern Maryland’s economic engine. As such, we influence how economic
decisions are made, participate in the legislative process, and build business relationships
across all lines—racial, political, and economic—in efforts to support growth in the region.
The SMMCOC is at the forefront of elevating the Minority business agenda—an effort
that has led to our proposing legislation and testifying before Maryland’s State Assembly,
enabled us to help build business relationships between large corporations and minorityowned
firms, and helped us build the capacity of our member companies through technical
assistance and access to capital. So when it comes to crafting and implementing regional
economic strategies, the SMMCOC is not only at the table, we are engaged, and we are

Now, in our third year, we are broadening our agenda to focus on growing the pool of
high-capacity Minority-owned businesses in Southern Maryland. We believe that turning
our attention to capacity building is key to helping these enterprises capture some of the
billions of dollars in development projects planned in the region, as well as other large-scale
business opportunities planned for the greater Washington Metropolitan Area. For large
and prime contracting firms, our goal is to become a valued resource for companies seeking
to build mutually beneficial business relationships with minority-owned firms.
Indeed, these have been three exciting and influential years. We believe that our strategic
priorities will bring SMMCOC greater influence in years to come. Looking back at our
2012-2015 accomplishments, we know that we could not have achieved so much without
establishing collaborative relationships and partnerships at all levels of government,
Corporate and community entities, for this, we are grateful and highly appreciative.



Doris J. Cammack-Spencer
President and Chief Executive Officer