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Dominion Cove Point Update

Summary of Minority and Local Business Outreach Effort – IHI/Kiewit Cove Point

Dominion and IHI/Kiewit Cove Point have been and remain committed to provide the highest level of information and opportunity to the local Calvert County local and minority business community.  To this end, below is a summary of events since the on-set of the project and some statistics associated with this effort.

April 2013 – October 2013 – During early project planning it was recognized that a strong outreach program was necessary and warranted for the Cove Point Project.  This resulted in a project team being established, including  Randy Marshall, IHI/Kiewit Procurement Director, Flo Sepulveda, IHI/Kiewit Project Sponsor, Jim Strohman, Dominion Project Director, and Carolyn Moss, Dominion’s managing director/State & Local Affairs.  The team’s focus was on ensuring maximum level of information and opportunity is presented to the local and minority community.  The key tool to support this plan is the website.  The website will ensure an effective interface going forward with the local and minority community and will serve as the projects key area of gaining information about the local and minority business entities.

August 2013

The initial meetings were held in the Calvert County area between the project team and the local community.  The website was rolled out and presented to the community as the key portal for information sharing.  We encouraged the local community to register through the website so that the project team could start amassing a detailed list of the entities interested in doing business with Dominion/IHI/Kiewit..

September 6, 2013

Meeting with Maryland Washington Minority Companies Association (MWMCA) providing project overview and tour.  At his request, Dominion presented  information on the Cove Point project at a November 1, 2014 symposium.   All interested suppliers were encouraged to register interest at the One Cove Point web site.

October 10, 2013

Meeting with local Chambers of Commerce, including representatives from the Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce.  A project overview was provided as well as discussion of the opportunities for local and minority businesses that are expected to be available.  Details of the project web site were reviewed so the Chambers could help to get the information out to their members.

October 24, 2013

Dominion and IHI Kiewit conducted the first town hall session on business opportunities pertaining to the Cove Point Project.  The session was attending by 40 or so local and minority business owners, media outlets, and political leaders from the area.  The presentation gave an overview of the project, the Joint Venture, and highlighted particular opportunities that would be available to the local community.  A  Q&A session followed the presentation where topics such as union affiliation, schedule, local hiring, and training of project personnel were addressed.  One of the key take-aways from this meeting was to enhance the website to include upcoming bid opportunities, and a status of awards.  The request was made to ensure that the project was being proactive in informing the community as much as possible and place the action on them to ensure contact was made with IHI/K.

January 30, 2014

Dominion and IHI conducted a two-part series for the local community whereby we presented  to a larger audience, the further developed schedule of events, further details on opportunities, and instruction on a more detailed instruction on utilizing the more enhanced website.  There were two sessions of approximately 100 people per session.  We communicated the level of feedback  received to date and the quantity of registrations  received from the community through the website.  On this date we had 129 local businesses registered and active solicitation of proposals targeted at 12 in different scopes of work.  One of the key take-aways from these meetings centered around a response or notification from the Project when a registration was completed.  From this, we developed an auto response that the registration was complete and on file, as well as manually emailing each registrant that we had their information had been received.

March 5, 2014

Dominion team held the fourth town hall session with the local and minority community.  Further enhancements were made to the website and introduced.  By this date we had 395 total registrants through the website and had solicited proposals for work from 20 based on the procurement schedule for scopes including build-out of the office space Lusby, bussing, and surveying.  In addition to the mass town hall session, a smaller meeting with the Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce was arranged whereby questions were answered and Doris Spencer introduced the Project to some of her key constituents.  A tour of the plant was also conducted for this small group to allow them to see the expansion plans up close.

May 1, 2014

Registrations exceed 500 local and minority businesses.  Solicitations have been sent to 30 businesses including sanitary stations, trucking, and concrete supply.  We continue to solicit proposals from the local community.  Updates are being made to the website on a forward looking basis to offer more refinement to the upcoming bid schedule as our overall project schedule matures.

July 31, 2014

Dominion attended the “Regional Entrepreneurship and Procurement Expo – Strengthening Capacity to Enhance Sustainability in Southern Maryland” sponsored by the Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce.  Dominion’s Vice President of Shared Services was the key note speaker and provided an overview of Dominion’s Supplier Diversity Program.  IHI/K representatives provided an informational table and answered questions on the project.

Dec 3, 2014

IHI/Kiewit participated in the Maryland Washington Minority Companies Association Outreach Fair on December 3rd 2014. The representatives spoke with over 100 attendees consisting of minority owned firms about business opportunities with Cove Point.

February 19, 2015

Dominion, IHI/K, The Calvert County Department of Economic Development, the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce worked together to provide a free informational briefing seminar for local vendors who offer relevant products, services or construction products. Approximately 50 vendors registered and about 25 attended.

March 3, 2015

IHI/Kiewit continues to work with the local business community through the Calvert County Department of Economic Development, the Solomons Business Association (SBA) and the Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce. IHI/Kiewit is now a member of the SBA and regularly attends meetings to provide updates and partner with the community through business and philanthropic opportunities.

March 3, 2015

520 Vendors have registered with IHI/Kiewit. Of those registrants 183 are a DBE, 27 are MBE, 98 SBE and 44 are WBE.

July 7, 2015

723 Vendors have registered with IHI/Kiewit Cove Point.  Of those registrants 247 are DBE, 47 are MBE, 149 are SBE, and 66 are WBE.