Call to Action

We have already seen some proposed bills in the Legislative Committee and call for action from our business community.

We expect there will be significant momentum on the proposed lift of the state minimum wage.  It’s a top priority of the Governor.  If the business community is going to have any impact, It would be useful if you or any of your business owner contacts can reach out to Sally Jameson (House Economic Matters member) and Mac Middleton (Chair, Senate Finance) to present your perspective on the economic effects of a 30%+ increase for entry level/training level employees.  Real life, personal examples will have the most persuasive influence and may serve to change the “inevitability” of this.  At least a more balanced discussion on how it may be phased in or limited for certain types of employees.  Please forward any comments or information directly to:

Phil McDonagh
Co-Chair, Legislative Committee
Charles County Chamber of Commerce