2016 State of Maryland Disparity Study

From SRB Communications Newsletter

SRB Communications has wrapped up 30 focus groups as part of the 2016 State of Maryland Disparity Study. SRB Communications, with NERA Economic Consulting was contracted by the State of Maryland and the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) to conduct the focus groups throughout the state. The disparity study provided business owners, both MBE’s and Non-MBE’s, an opportunity to share their experiences and insights into doing business with or attempting to do business with the State of Maryland.

SRB Communications was responsible for outreach to maximize attendance at the events and inform and educate stakeholders on the disparity study. This was done through print materials, phone calls, email blasts, and outreach to numerous MBE-related advocacy groups. We were also responsible for the audio recording and event setup for each of the focus groups.

With the feedback from business owners, NERA Economic Consulting will create a report that will be presented to the State of Maryland and MDOT. The findings will also be available to the public later this year.